Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One of those moments.....

Have you ever had one of those moments? If you are a parent (especially to small children), one of those moments probably happens on a daily basis. Well it happened here last night. Some background:

It started yesterday morning. I woke up to the sounds of hysterical crying. Hysterical crying usually come from Princess (she is the drama queen in the family!). I was right. Princess was crying. What for? Her FAVORITE box was being thrown out for recycling. Yep her box. We are moving to a smaller place and thus we need to downsize. Perfectly logical - to an adult. But not to a six year old who had just woken up (too early) and was hungry. Not a good combination. So after about 30 minutes of her crying and getting her to eat something, she eventually forgot about the box and went outside to play. Good crisis resolved.

Not exactly. Sweet Pea was having a rough day ALL day. She was clinging, fussy, and wouldn't let me put her down. When I would get her to sleep she would only sleep for about 30 minutes and wake up. 30 minutes is not very long to get ANYTHING done. So I spent most of the day holding a 14 pound infant and walking and bouncing and nursing and consoling. This combination leads to a very tired Mommy.

Fast forward to bath time. I had got Princess into the bath and was now getting Cowgirl.Well she decided that it was now her turn to cause trouble. Instead of getting into the bathtub she screamed cried about how the water was going to hurt her boo-boo. Now this boo-boo happened the day before and had not been giving her any trouble all day, but now it was going to hurt. I tried to explain (to an overly tired 4 year old) that to just try the water and if it hurt I would get her out and put her in the shower fast. That didn't work. She kept crying! That is when it happened. I told her if she didn't stop crying and get in the bath she was going to bed! Oops! (It was only 6pm!) I couldn't go back now. I had to follow through with my consequence. But if I put her to bed at 6pm I risk her waking up at 4 or 5 AM!!!! Oh well I had done it to myself. Speaking before thinking!

I spent most of the night worrying thinking about what time she was going to wake up and how I would handle it - put her back to bed and risk her waking up her sister which would make her tired and cranky the rest of the day and start the cycle all over again, or let her stay up and play the computer, watch a show, etc. Well. God was showing me some grace this morning. She didn't wake up any earlier that I could tell. Everyone was well rested and happy. Hopefully today will be better!


Rachel said...

Yup! I know those days!

..and I'd totally be thinking about putting her to bed earlier every night if she woke up at the same time! :)

Josette said...

Poor mama! One of those days!! Yep, I agree try putting her to bed earlier every night if she still sleeps to the usual time!