Sunday, March 6, 2011

Treasured Moments

As a mother there are moments throughout the day that I am privy to no one else is.  As a mother I interact with my children in ways that nobody else can. As a mother I see my children in a light that is unique and special.  These "treasured moments" are kept in my heart and like Our Lady I will ponder them my whole life.

One of these special moments that I treasure is nursing. This is my third baby to nurse and while I do grow weary of constantly feeding a baby and having to stop what I am doing throughout the day (and night), I would never for once think about NOT nursing. My absolute FAVORITE time when nursing is the middle of the night. While I sometimes wish Sweet Pea will sleep all night, I love the quiet of the night when only her and I are awake. I watch her sleepily sucking and hear her softly breathing and to me the world is at peace.  Every night (two or three times a night) I get the privileged to participate in this peace. This is one of those times that I feel honored as a mother and I secretly love that only I get to experience these moments.

So what are your "treasured moments" as a mom?

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