Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Daybook: April 26, 201

Outside my window..... It looks like it is going to rain. I hope the bad weather holds off today, but we are supposed to get it tomorrow.

I am listening too..... Fox News. I am writing this in the office with Hubby.

I am thinking..... I am going to have to take Cowgirl to an Allergist. Poor thing! Her eczema and allergies are making her miserable. Claritin is just not cutting it. She had an allergic reaction to something (I think dried fruit) yesterday and she broke out in hives all over her face. We had to run to Walmart really fast to get Benadryl. She is better now.

I am thankful..... that God is looking out for us by giving Hubby not one but 3 (!) job opportunities in his path. I am praying that God will show us which way to go!

From the kitchen...... This week is very low key since we FEASTED on Easter. This Sunday, however, we will have our 1st Garden of Good Shepherd Party!

From the learning room..... School started back for us today. I can't believe we only have 4 more weeks till Summer break. This school year has gone by SO fast!

Living the Liturgical Year at home..... We finished our Jesus Tree and started Garden of the Good Shepherd for the 50 days of Easter. I am planning on having a weekly "party" on Sunday's when the older boys come over for dinner.

I am creating...... a peaceful home. At least I am trying to :)

I am reading...... The Flipside of Feminism by Suzanne Venker & Phyllis Schlafly. 

Pondering these words...... "I owe nothing to women's lib." ~ Margaret Thatcher.

Noticing that.....  The week is going to feel very strange without going to Ballet on Friday! 

Towards personal care (and exercise)......  Yesterday was my first day towards healthier eating. I would like to loose 10 pounds by my birthday the end of May. I hope I don't have to cut my calories since it always makes my breast milk supply drop. I am just making healthier choices which includes no sweets, chips,  & sodas. I am also trying to drink more water and less juice and keep my snacking to a minimum. I will update on how it is going.

Around the house...... Lilies and Flowers! I love how they smell.

On keeping home..... The week snuck up on me really fast. I wanted to dust and vacuum again yesterday but have not got around to it.

One of my favorite things...... sleeping babies! I wish she would take longer naps so that I can get more things done, but I will take what I can get.

A few plans for the rest of the week...... Not much this week!

Tuesday: Start back school!
Sunday: 1st Garden of Good Shepherd Party.

A picture thought I'm sharing.....


Debi said...

You have beautiful children!! I love sleeping babies too!! I am doing the same thing...trying to lose 10 pounds by the end of May, but it's too late for my b-day, but we are taking a trip to see family I haven't seen in years.
We can encourage each other in our progress. Blessings!!

Roxaline said...

Thanks Debi! I will definitely need some encouragement during the next month! I hope breastfeeding will make it come off faster but sometimes that hinders because you need milk. She is still little and I never tried to loose weight this early with other too but I want to feel good again ( also I am not getting any younger so I expect it to be harder to loose!) You will be in my thoughts and prayers this next month :)

Hunie said...

I love these posts! My sister does this on her blog and I really enjoy them.

Roxaline said...

I love reading others just as much as I love writing mine. It is fun to read about what others have going on for the week!