Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding

With all the pain and suffering that has been going on in the Southeast United States, I was happy to be able to watch the Royal Wedding. Not as a distraction, but as a reminder that life goes on. God is in control and during the trial and tribulations of life it is imperative to remember this important truth. The Royal Wedding was, in my opinion, proof in point. Here is a young man who lost his mother when he was an even younger man. I am sure at that point in his life he never would have thought he could be happy again. But look at him now!

I didn't get up at 4 o'clock to watch the coverage (sleep is a valuable resource in this house), and I definitely wasn't going to wake up the girls (that would have made for a very LONG and MISERABLE day with two BEARS)! I opted to DVR it the night before so then we could watch it whenever we wanted and fast forward through the "boring" parts. Here is my take on the Royal Wedding:

1. Loved her dress. It was perfect for her and I loved the lace sleeves and neckline. Some people said they thought it was too low cut but I didn't think so. (She doesn't have much to show any way!)

2. How cute is her sister! Hubby and I kept commenting on how Harry should start dating her. She is adorable.

3. I loved the simplicity of her bouquet. Lilies of the Valley are one of my favorite flowers and it complimented her dress wonderfully.

4. I loved all the hats - some were more daring then others but still LOVED them ALL! I wish more people in the US would wear hats. Maybe I will be daring enough one of these days to try wearing a hat to church.(It will probably AFTER small children since I can only imagine how difficult it would be to keep it on!)

5. We watched on the Wedding on Fox News and Shepherd Smith was being a complete JERK! All he did the whole time was make fun of what people were wearing ("Is that a flying saucer on her head?"),
complain that he didn't want to be there ("I guess if I have to be here then I better make the best of it."),and make crass, inappropriate,comments about the couple ("What no tongue?"). These are only a
few of the many, many comments he was making. It was irritating me so I can only image what his co-anchor thought!

6. How cute was there first kiss. Being together for 8 years I'm sure they had kissed before, but she still looked like a blushing bride after he kissed her.

The girls enjoyed watching the wedding. I explained to them that this was a REAL prince and that Catherine was becoming a REAL princess, kind of like Cinderella. When Cowgirl saw Catherine she stated that she didn't have Golden Hair so she couldn't be a princess. Later, when I was showing them the family members of both William and Catherine she said "Where are her step sisters?" I guess I didn't do a good job of telling her it was LIKE Cinderella not ACTUALLY Cinderella. The rest of the day they were playing dress-up wedding and pretending they were getting married. TOO CUTE!

In the end, I wish them a life time of happiness. There is something about a wedding to make one nostalgic about the optimism and wide-eyedness (if that is a word) of being "just married". Before children and the everyday demands of family life take their toll.


Debi said...

Kids are so literal!! LOL!!!

Roxaline said...

Aren't they! It was so funny!

Josette said...

I loved her dress too! I just watched part of it on Youtube.

I love hats! I usually wear a veil at church, but I really like hats and they are easier to keep on than a veil.