Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Summer "School"

I have been thinking a lot lately about coming up with sort of Summer curriculum for Princess and Cowgirl. Growing up, we always participated in a summer reading program with our library.  Our library is not really close to us since we have moved, and the girls have SOOOO many books at our house that they haven't read or at least haven't read in a while. So this got me thinking and researching and I think I have decided.

I typically use Catholic Heritage Curricula during the school year for its rich Catholic emphasis and its ease of use. They have come out with a couple of neat books for first grade that were not available this time last year and I thought we could include them into a summer program.

 The first two are readers/journals. What Do You Like to Do...... & What Can You Do....... are easy readers that include a short story as well as "journal pages" that start the process of writing. I have noticed that Princess is starting writing stories on her own and thought that this would be right up her alley and may encourage her to write more.  She loves to read and is probably reading at a high level then these books, but I want her to be encouraged to read and not discouraged because it is too hard/long. She is my child that likes to get things done and accomplished. I think she will really like these.

Since I was pregnant last year and we had to resort to the "bare minimum" for schooling, Princess' science has fallen to the wayside. Mostly because CHC's first grade science was mainly going to the library and reading books on different subjects. OK if I am not pregnant - not OK when I am. I did very well the first month or so, but trips to the library became fewer and fewer.  Well, CHC has added first grade to their Behold & See science program. I thought that since we didn't get to cover much science that we could try to squeeze it in this summer.

Another thing we are going to try to incorporate into our Summer program is Catechism. Princess will be in 2nd grade this fall and that means First Communion. Usually I would have a whole school year to get her ready with First Communion in May. However, our church does First Communion in NOVEMBER! I know CRAZY! So, this summer we are dusting off our St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism and get her ready.

Lastly, Princess has a couple of small camps she will be attending. First, she will be attending a ballet day camp. She started taking ballet last fall and LOVES it. I know she will love the week long camp that is focused on the Nutcracker, but she has to be gone from 9 - 12:30! I don't know how I am going to handle her gone that long.  :)

The next camp that I will probably send her to is through our local Catholic High School. She came home from Religious Education on Sunday with a pamphlet of all the camps they are offering. They too are only a week long and are not very expensive. She read through all of them and decided she wanted to go to the Cheerleading camp. With her being so outgoing and talkative I know she will have NO problem getting in front of a bunch of people and cheering.

So that is it for Princess. Now I have to move on to Cowgirl. She is not going to be as easy since her personality is the exact opposite of Princess. She will not be attending any type of camp because she is too shy. She will probably be content with being the "big" sister while Princess is off doing her thing. We will see. Maybe I can think of something fun for her to do for the three hours that Princess is at camp!


Josette said...

sounds like a full summer you have planned. With our Nature boy we watch a lot of nature videos and go hiking for science and of course all the relatives know he like bugs and such and send him those for presents! (I have utilized amazon and pop things in their wish list for ideas for the relatives)

wow the fall for first communion! That doesn't leave much time for prep. I guess it does if you count the "do it yourself" summer. Cowgirl will learn at the same time you are teaching Princess so that is a bonus. I find our Sunshine has learned all the prayers that Nature Boy had to learn. I am reading to them the King of the Golden city as a side book for Communion preparation it is very nice.

I bought "story starters" and I am reading to the boys and they narrate back a ending for me. I give them a bit of prompts but at this age I don't want them to get too frustrated trying to write down all these fabulous endings. (their brains work faster than their hands!)

Thank you again for recommending CHC. I am using their spelling, handwriting, language and "their little stories for little folks". I love them! Oh boy, I wrote a novel to you.

Roxaline said...

We love CHC! I tried using other homeschool programs but always came back to CHC. Princess learned how to read with "Little stories for little folks"! I had heard about "story starters" and wondered if it was any good. I think I will have to add that to our Library.