Friday, April 29, 2011


Wow! A lot has happened since I last blogged on Tuesday. We made it through the horrible weather safe & sound. Praise the Lord!

 We woke Wednesday morning to rain and a Tornado watch. This watch quickly changed into a warning within the hour. I hurried the girls into our "safe place" which is the half-bath under the stairs and waited. We lost electricity (and news coverage) right at the storm was 2 miles from us. The wind picked up and then ...... nothing. It was gone as fast as it came. The electricity flashed back on and outside the sun started to shine. We had been saved.

After this we had a window of great weather. Sun shining, breezy, and almost like nothing ever happened (or would be happening). The next round was to hit in a couple hours. We decided to venture out and get groceries in case we did loose electricity (my sister in Arkansas was without electricity for over 24 hours) and couldn't cook. As we started driving towards the store we started to see the impact not more than 2 miles from us. Trees and power lines were down. Traffic lights were out. People walking out of their subdivisions because they couldn't drive because of the downed trees. This went on for nearly 10 miles.  We eventually made it to the store, got our groceries (quickly), and came home.

The next round of storms started hitting us about 2pm.  Again, I hurried the girls into the "safe place" and watched to see what path the storm would head.  The technology that we have to track storms is absolutely amazing. We were able to see storms coming our way more than an hour before they hit. This one was heading right towards our area, but at the last minute it started veering more East. We ended up skirting the worst of the storm and only got rain and some pea size hail. We were saved again.

After this, the next storm our way was about an hour away. I decided to get dinner going so that if we lost electricity it would be done and ready.  As I was making dinner, the news kept talking about how this was going to be the worst cell to hit the city yet.  At a little more than an hour away it has winds of over 100 miles per hour.  We waited and again like the other storm it skirted us and went East. Both of these storms hit the same area and that little town (less then 10 miles away from us) was destroyed.

After seeing all the damage in our area (my brother received damage to his house and his area will be out of electricity till probably Tuesday) and in the other states, I feel very fortunate that God saw fit to keep us safe. I do know one thing, if we would have been hit with the tornado that hit Tuscaloosa and Birmingham we would not be here today. Our little townhouse would have collapsed around us.

There were so many people who lost so much during the three days of storms. This family's house was destroyed as they huddled in the basement. This family of 13 children lost their father as he gave his life protecting his children from the storm. I have also heard stories of people looking for children and infants. I can't imagine! Please pray for those who have lost so much.


Debi said...

My goodness, how scary, I'm glad you were safe. I have a very hard time understanding human suffering, I know that to everything there is a purpose, but to have babies and children missing...have mercy.

Roxaline said...

I couldn't imagine what these parents are going through. To have a newborn infant ripped from your arms and not knowing where they are. It makes me want to cry just thinking about it. The destruction is horrible!

Rachel said...

So glad y'all are okay! And you're right - so much pain all around us! I wish there were more I could do.