Monday, May 2, 2011

Garden of the Good Shepherd Party~Week 1

Yesterday, we had our first Garden of the Good Shepherd Party. I have opted to have these "parties" on Sundays so that our two oldest boys could take part.  I changed some of the ideas that Jessica so wonderfully came up with so that we could have a filling dinner. I thought it was a big hit. Here are the pictures:

Shepherd's Pie 

Shepherd's Crook Breadsticks

Sheep in the Fold Corn  

Ewe & Ram Cupcakes
(also used as Birthday Cake for Engineer)

Next week I am planning a Garden of the Good Shepherd Mother's Day Brunch! I think it will turn out just as nice! Stop by Catholic Cuisine to see other parties. They are all so different!


Gardenia said...

Lovely party.

Jessica said...

Everything looks wonderful! Thank you for sharing your pictures and Happy Birthday to "Engineer!" God bless!!

Roxaline said...

Thanks! It did turn out good even though it was low key. It always tends to be that way in our house. Whenever I try to go all out it never works but if I keep it simple it always comes together nicely!

Tiffany said...

Hi Roxaline~ Popping over from Catholic Cuisine to comment on your sweet Garden Party! I agree that simple saves the day:-) God Bless your Mother's Day!