Thursday, May 5, 2011

Top 10 Reason I Don't Camp

The other day Princess asked if we could go camping. I guess she had been watching some cartoon (I think Tom & Jerry) and they were camping. I told her that Mommy does not camp. She then asked me why and I said "Because" (which doesn't go over too well with an obsessive compulsive almost 7 year old.) I then decided to come up with another Top 10. So here are the Top 10 Reasons I Don't Camp:

10. It's hot.
9.  It's cold.
8. Where the heck is "NCIS?"
7. There is no room service.
6. Bugs.
5. Snakes
4. Spiders (shhh....spiders are NOT bugs).
3. Sleeping in bug spray is not good for the complexion.
2. You want me to pee where?!?!

And the number 1 reason I don't camp:

1. I SO do not want a kid eaten by a bear!


Debi said...

Here here!!! I agree completely!!!

Gardenia said...

I used to love camping as a child. My parents took us camping in the Apalachian Mountains. What a wonderful time. But now, no way. I love your top ten reasons why. My number one reason: no electricity. hence, no blow dryer. :)

Roxaline said...

Gardenia, that is another good reason! It would be my number 11!