Friday, August 19, 2011

Admitting You Have a Problem is the First Step.....

I am a house snob! OK, there I said it! Admitting it is the first step right?

Let me take a step back and give you some background info. As I stated in an earlier post, we downsized a couple of months ago while we waited to see if we needed to move for Andrew's job. Well the time has come that we can start looking to move out of this townhouse. Now, while I am anxious to get into a larger house (especially one that has a back yard!) I am not going to move into a house until I find one that I absolutely LOVE.

That is the problem of the century! (At least for me!)

I simply cannot find a house that I LOVE. I have looked through hundreds of houses and can't find one. Just so you know, we are not limited by location, since we homeschool, except that I want to live in an area that is safe for the kids to play outside. I also have very simple, at least in my mind, requirements.
  • We need 4 bedrooms. We could even get away with 3, if the house had an office.
  • I want a backyard for the girls to play in, but that doesn't even need to be big. 
  • I would like enough space to have a small garden, however, that is negotiable. (I can always use containers.
I can find the above requirements relatively easy. Now come the necessities which are proving more difficult.
  • Large Gourmet Kitchen (we have a large family and we LOVE to cook!)
  • Nice Master Bath - with a tub. Because if I get pregnant again, I NEED a tub! (I said IF!)

I have looked at houses of varying price ranges and still cannot find a house I love. It seems like the houses that have Kitchens and Master Baths that I find acceptable are TOO big. I am not paying money for a house with empty space. I don't NEED 5000 square feet with a theatre room! I don't want to clean it & to me it seems wasteful.

So I find myself looking at house after house and ruling them out for one reason or another. I know that the Lord will provide the perfect house for what we need when we need it ~ I just hope He realizes how much I NEED that gourmet kitchen!

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Tiffany said...

Hi Roxaline~ Thanks for your encouragement and prayers! Praying for you that God provides just what He sees fit, plus gourmet kitchen:)