Saturday, August 6, 2011

Aloha Hawaii!

Three weeks ago Andrew and I were watching TV. Actually Andrew was watching television, and I was nursing a baby (as usual). Anyway, it was pretty late - almost 10 PM. (Yes, that IS late for ME!), when his telephone rang. He went into the other room to answer it so as not to disturb the almost asleep baby. (For those of you with babies, you understand the wrath that can procure from waking an almost asleep baby!) He came back into the room and told me that there was a job opening in Honolulu and should he put in for it!

Honolulu! As in Hawaii?! (I guess he felt like he needed to ask?)

YES! YES! Tell them you will take it! (This wasn't quite yelled since the baby was now asleep.)

He proceeded to explain (like I was listening) that it wasn't a sure thing but there was a good possibility. Which of course in my mind meant "Sell the furniture we are moving to Hawaii!"

(A side note. Andrew and I went to Hawaii for our Honeymoon, so I have been there before. See:

Also, Andrew has covered Hawaii as part of his sales territory for 10 years and has been there A LOT and has many friends on the islands. OK. Let's continue.)

The next couple of days involved me inventorying all of our furniture, deciding what would come to Hawaii and what would be sold, how much we paid for it, and what we would sell it for. After that was completed, I then began looking at where to live. I knew he would be working in Honolulu so my search was limited to the island of Oahu. But where? After much research (and discussion) it was narrowed down to Hawaii Kai. I found PLENTY of houses that would work and were quite cute. (Housing in Hawaii is SO expensive that I had to change my idea of the "perfect" house.)

We discussed how we would get Andrew to Honolulu to start work, where he would live while waiting for the rest of us, what to sell of first, when to ship the car, and when me and the girls would go out to meet him. LET ME TELL YOU I WAS IN HEAVEN! Planning is my cup of tea and planning a move to paradise was paradise in itself!

Good Thing.........

Three weeks later, Andrew received a phone call from Hawaii. They wanted somebody who was ALREADY in Hawaii! WHAT?  We are NOT moving to Hawaii!? But I already have the furniture sold (in my mind), and I have found the PERFECT house! And....And....!

"Sorry, Honey, it isn't going to happen this time."

"This time? So your telling me there is still a chance we are moving to Hawaii?"

Start selling the furniture!!


Josette said...

OH wow...that would be so cool to live in hawaii...maybe next time ;)

Debi said...

I am just like that...planning is my best friend...and I have also had the dream of moving to Hawaii. How exciting to at least have gone for your honeymoon!!! Sorry for your disappointment....bummer!

Rachel said...

Ha! You're hilarious! Sorry it didn't work out...THIS TIME.