Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1st!

Wow! It is August already! I remember last year this time moving to Chattanooga and feeling VERY pregnant. I couldn't wait till Christmas so that I wouldn't be pregnant anymore would be able to meet my baby. It was this month last year that we found out that we were having another little girl! Oh, how happy I was. We LOVE little girls around here and this was an answer to prayer (at least on my part.)

How far have we come in a year! The year has gone by SO fast. I have been very busy lately with lesson plans & books plans & day plans for the coming school year. The girls have already been begging to start school. I agree with their anxiousness because it seems lately they have been fighting A LOT! I think the structure of the school year will help with this. At least I hope so!

After much thought, prayer, and discussion with Hubby, I have decided to go ahead and start Emma in Kindergarten. She won't be 5 until January, but the Catholic Heritage Curricula (CHC) Kindergarten program is pretty light and I think she can handle it. She is VERY excited and this will be a new challenge for me. Teaching two children OFFICIALLY in school with a baby on my hip! Victoria will probably be on my hip A LOT since that is where she is the happiest (aka not crying).

This month will (hopefully) bring lots of new and exciting prospects with Hubby's job. I will update when I know more.

So, here is to the last OFFICIAL month (at least for us) of Summer!


Gardenia said...

you will be one busy momma. what a joy to have your two girlies learning from you!

Debi said...

I love CHC stuff...have you read the Stories for Little Folks devotionals?? My kids absolutely loved those and begged me to read them. They are little stories that teach a moral.

Rachel said...

You'll do great I'm sure!! Here's to hoping that Victoria gets happier soon!!