Thursday, August 4, 2011

Better Late then Never ~ Emma's 4th Birthday!

Looking through the pictures on my computer I realized that I never posted pictures from Brianna's Birthday in June! I am working on that posting, but I also found these pictures from Emma's 4th Birthday in January!

This was only 11 days after giving birth to Victoria and I tried VERY hard to make it a fun party! I feel that Emma's birthday has not been celebrated to the extent that Brianna's does for the simple reason that it is so close to Christmas. After taking all the time to plan and execute Advent and Christmas it is SOOO hard to turn around and plan ANOTHER celebration! I am thinking that this year I will try to do a bigger party for her in the summer so that she can maybe have it at the pool!

Anyway, here are some pictures from Emma's 4th Birthday Party!

(No laughing at the cake! Remember I was 10 days post-partum!)

Happy 4th Birthday Emma! 


Debi said...

Very cute...actually I think it's a very clever cake!! Using toys is a great idea!! Happy 4th, Emma!!

Josette said...

awww How sweet! Happy belated birthday emma!