Thursday, August 11, 2011

Meet Brianna

This is our oldest daughter Brianna Marie. She is 7 (going on 17)! I chose the name Brianna for the simple reason that was the ONLY name my first husband and I could agree on! (That wasn't the only thing we couldn't agree on, but that is for another post.) Since she was my first born daughter, I gave her the middle name Marie after our Mother Mary. I was a little concerned about her initials being BM and was trying to think of other names all the way to the hospital! I couldn't think of anything else so if she is upset when she is older about her initials I will just have to blame it on her biological father for not agreeing to any other names. (OK I won't...........maybe..........we'll see!)

Brianna has always been very......what's the word I'm looking for.....dramatic! When she was born (all 5 pounds 12 ounces of her) she screamed from the moment she came out until they brought her back from being cleaned and checked. Wait a minute, who am I kidding, she is still screaming! She LIVES to argue and wants to always have the last word. This has made it difficult to parent her at times. However, she is also very empathetic which I can usually use to my advantage. She doesn't like others to hurt or suffer and she cares about how her actions make others feel. This empathy is even shown towards inanimate object like her toys and dolls. She sleeps with a gazillion stuffed animals because she doesn't want to hurt any of their feelings!

Brianna is very inquisitive. She loves to read and learn about new things. Her favorite subject (at the moment) is the human body! (Can we say Doctor!) Last Christmas, I bought her a book called Open Me Up. This book is all about the human body and how it works. She has looked at this book so much that it is falling apart. Still, this doesn't stop her from reading it over & over & over & over!

Brianna has a very outgoing personality and has never met a stranger (even when she was a baby she NEVER had stranger anxiety). She is a friend to everybody and expects everybody to be her friend. She doesn't understand if somebody doesn't want to talk to her or give her a hug. (She will even try to hug her "friends" that she has just met at the McDonald's play place!) I had to have the "stranger" talk with her at a very early age because she wanted to talk to EVERYONE!

As I stated before, Brianna can be quite dramatic and currently holds the title for the most break downs and dramatic outbursts in the family. (Maybe second to me....but only when I'm pregnant!) She is especially dramatic when she is hungry or tired, and since she is SO skinny she is almost ALWAYS hungry. It is a challenge for me to stay on top of her hunger fits, and I feel like I am constantly feeding her!

Brianna is not afraid to be the center of attention and actually looks for times that she can be. She LOVES to be on stage and is not afraid to talk, sing, dance, etc in public - even if she is the ONLY one! She loves talking, riding her bike, reading, and ballet.

All in all, Brianna is a pretty WONDERFUL kid! She has a future of great potential ahead of her (I say it is a toss up between Doctor and Lawyer) and I am honored that God chose me to be her Mom!


Shawna said...

What a sweet post! You have a beautiful daughter!

Roxaline said...

Thanks Shawna! She is our pride & joy!

KY ICU NURSE said...

SOOO sweet!!!! the one with Hiley I have never seen ;) I say nurse ;)

Jill said...

I miss you guys. She and Ian are so alike. One day they will have to get back together to hang out. We can both be living in the poor house as we send them to Medical School!

Roxaline said...

That picture was taken when we came to Kentucky for Brianna's Kindergarten graduation! It was actually taken at the building!

I think us living in the poor house would be tons of fun! We would have plenty to keep us busy!