Monday, August 15, 2011

Meet Victoria

This is our youngest daughter Victoria Noelle. When deciding on names for Victoria I wanted to find a name that ended in "a." I went through books after books looking at names but none ever stuck.  Then all of a sudden I remembered that my Grandmother always wanted to name a daughter Victoria, but my Grandfather wouldn't let her. My Grandmother grew up in Victoria, Virginia and I think that had something to do it it. (Especially since she named her oldest daughter Virginia.) I asked Andrew what he thought about the name Victoria and he liked it as well. Simple enough. Her middle name is Noelle because she was our Christmas baby being born December 28th.

Even though Victoria is little I can already see bits of her personality. First, she is very dramatic! This became obvious at about 2 weeks when she started crying from 6 - 9 EVERY night.  Thank goodness I found something that helped calm her or I might not be here today!  She also get very mad if she doesn't get her way. I know many of you will say it is because she is a baby, but wait till you meet her (if you ever do) and you will understand. If you tell her "No" or take something away from her she gets M.A.D!

Victoria loves to have people pay attention to her. While she does have stranger anxiety she will smile and laugh at people if mommy or daddy is holding her. Victoria is more of a mommy's girl then a daddy's girl, but I only think that is because I am her food supply right now. She doesn't want the food supply to go too far away!

Victoria is the apple of every one's eye and will probably grow up to be the most spoiled rotten. She even has her big brother's wrapped around her little finger.

Is she my last, you may be asking? Well, I won't say yes because  you know what happened last time! However, I will say that I am happy and content with the children I have. God has blessed me beyond my dreams and if He chooses to not give me anymore I am PERFECTLY happy with that.


Hunie said...

Awww! Babies are so precious!

Roxaline said...

Thanks! She is DEARLY loved!

Rachel said...

She is beautiful!! I SO wanted a daughter named Victoria (called Tori) since my middle name is Victoria and I've always loved it!

Roxaline said...

Rachel, there is still time! *wink*