Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My New FAVORITE Sport!

I don't watch a lot of sports. I don't know why. Maybe I am burnt out from playing soccer and running track growing up. Maybe I watched too much sports shows when I was married to my first husband (he was a soccer coach so it kinda went with the territory). Again, I don't know why. I just don't like watching sports.

My hubby watches San Francisco Giants baseball RELIGIOUSLY! Which isn't a whole lot when you live in Atlanta Braves territory. But he still manages to pick up a good number of games on the MLB network. He even watches Giants baseball online via Gamecast. For those of you who do not know what this is (I didn't know what it was till this year), Gamecast is a real time pitch by pitch tracker (Andrew's definition). Basically, he sits looking at a computer screen waiting for it to update after each pitch. Thrilling huh?

Another sport that Andrew watches regularly is golf. Now before we were married I NEVER watched golf. I even joked about those who did watch golf! "GOLF - How Boooorrrrinnng!"

You want to know a secret.......

I actually like watching golf. (I know SHOCKING!) The main reason I like watching golf is that it is very calming. The green grass, the pretty blue sky, the commentators talking in quiet soothing voices.! Especially when my day is usually anything BUT soothing!

Also, there aren't any macho guys patting each other on the heiney, or getting in each other's face. Yeah, you might see Tiger throwing his club down occasionally, but that doesn't bother me much since somebody usually throws something at least once a day around our house.

I am gradually learning the lingo: Par, Birdie, Bogie, Eagle. And I even find myself already having a favorite player - Keegan Bradley (I know I seem to have a soft spot for the baby face boys!) There are certain things I don't get. Like why is it a two swing penalty for hitting the ball in the water and not just one?? If you can go in the water and hit it that is only ONE swing!?! Makes sense to me but not to those who created the game I guess.

Overall, I have been pleasantly surprised. Hubby is too! He asked me, the other day, if I would now go and play with him! Ummmm.......don't push your luck!


Jill said...

Well Heath convinced me to go golfing once and actually it was kinda fun. I'm no good at it and was very sore the next day, but kind of like watching it, it is a little relaxing. Plus it gave us time without the kids to just hang out together. You should try it. Better yet, you should move back to CA and the 4 of us can go golfing. The guys can play their real game and we can pretend to play and catch up on gossip!

Rachel @ Grasping for Objectivity said...

I've always thought playing golf (assuming I could, which is an erroneous assumption) would be fun, but I've yet to enjoy watching it.

Roxaline said...

@Jill only if I can get a cute outfit and there are fruity drinks involved!

Gardenia said...

I love watching golf too, for the same reason you do. it is sooo calming. especialy the way the announcers talk softly! my husband follows a particular MLB team too, and tries to watch every game, and if it's not televised, he puts in ear phones and listens on the radio.