Monday, October 10, 2011

First Penance

Brianna is on track to make her First Confession on November 6. She is a little nervous, understandably, and I want to help her to understand the beauty of this Sacrament. Those of you who have children who have already gone through First Penance and First Communion, do you have any ideas that will help? Having grown up Protestant, I am still learning about how to best teach my children the Faith. I would LOVE to hear what y'all did! Thanks!


Josette said...

I did post about this awhile back, I will try to find the post so you don't have to sift!!

What I did with Nature Boy was take him to the confessional and let him see how it looked and he went in and practiced I showed him where the priest sat and how the window opened and closed. That seemed to help.

Debi said...

Josette, that is a great idea, I think I will do that with Eli this year!

One thing I have always told my children is that going to confession is a wonderful gift and it's such a blessing to have your sins taken away and sometimes you even feel lighter after confession..."let me know if you notice it", I tell them. It's best not to make a big deal(even though it is a wonderful sacrament) out of's just something that we do as Catholics, it's part of who we are. It also helps to have review of conscience guide to help them make a written list...for the first several times, my kids write a list..this gives them comfort and reassurance that they won't forget anything.

Roxaline said...

Josette, Thanks for the link! I KNEW you had something last year, but hadn't gotten around to searching for it.
I also like the idea of taking her to practice!

Debi, I agree with not making a big deal about it! I just didn't want to lean towards being too flippant and her not appreciating this gift!

Thanks Again!

Hunie said...

I think being nervous is a good thing, but maybe the priest can have a talk with the catechism class before the actual confession. This will allow the children to ask questions and be more at ease.

Gardenia said...

Roxaline, I nominated your inspiring blog for an award today!

Josette said...


Haven't heard from you in a while..thought i'd stop to say hello!!