Sunday, October 2, 2011

My St. Therese Story

Margaret over at Minnesota Mom asked for our St. Therese stories. Here is mine!

I met my husband, Andrew, on a Catholic singles website. I was a single mom living in Tennessee and he was living in California. We talked via email and then phone for almost a month before talking about meeting. During this time, I was trying to discern if this relationship was going to lead to marriage. I was not going to be the mom who paraded men in and out of her kids lives so anybody that I had a relationship with was going to progress to marriage relatively fast. I decided to pray a novena to St. Therese for her guidance. I got about three days in before I forgot and started back up again to only forget and stop again! During this "almost novena" Andrew sent me pink roses for our 1 month from meeting each other "anniversary.

Well, I wasn't convinced. I was sure that my broken novena couldn't have generated ROSES! I still questioned if Andrew and I were supposed to be together. (Just a side note: I WANTED Andrew and I to get married but after going through a rough divorce I was skeptical of my judgment thus all the questioning.)

Andrew wanted to come and visit me in Michigan, but I was cautious about him meeting my family and I didn't want to introduce him to my girls yet. So I decided to go to visit him in California. I know, I know probably NOT a good idea if his is some psycho-serial killer! Good thing he wasn't ! Besides I had never been to California and this was my chance! Great reasoning huh!

I booked my ticket and started praying ANOTHER novena to St. Therese. This time I was determined to finish! My final day would be the day I landed in LA!

Fast forward to day 9 of the novena. I left Detroit bright and early texting Andrew about my whereabouts along the way. When I landed at LAX Andrew wasn't there! I called and he said he was just pulling into the parking garage and was running a little late. The thought in my mind, "How can you be late on the day that I am coming into town! HUMPH!". I got off the phone and looked out the window of the airport to see him walking across the street with 2 dozen long stem ROSES!

We were married one year to the day later from when he sent me the FIRST set of roses!

Happy Feast Day of St. Therese!


Gardenia said...

a lovely st. Theree story! thanks for sharing.

Debi said...

Aaaaahhhh!!!!! How sweet!
My hubby and I were praying the Novena...I can't remember why, though!! We received an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe wrapped in fabric covered with roses. That was our sign!!