Sunday, May 29, 2011

35 things I have learned in my 35 years!

I know it has been a while since I posted, I have had a case of writer's block and didn't feel like I had anything worthwhile to blog about (not that this posting is worthy of any literary awards). However, I turned 35 yesterday. I feel as if I have some how "arrived" in my life and I wanted to share some of the many, many things I have learned. If only I had known then what I know now!!!

1. Life doesn't always turn out the way you planned it would.
2. I am stronger then I ever thought I was or could be.
3. You can't control what other do only what you do.
4. Call a spade a spade.
5. Don't sweat the small stuff.
6. Don't worry about the mountain in the future because when you finally get there it might be gone.
7. God works everything out for good.
8. Happiness is a state of mind not circumstances.
9. I never knew I could love someone as much as I love my children.
10. Your children are only little for a short time, keep them close to you as much as you can.
11. Family is EVERYTHING!
12. My sisters are my BEST friends!.
13. Men and women are different.
14. I will never FULLY understand my husband.
15. It is OK that I don't FULLY understand my husband.
16. Don't care about what others think.
17. I am OK by myself.
18. God completes me!
19. I don't ever want to change the past because it has made me who I am today.
20. If you don't bend during the storm you will break.
21. Have dreams but realize that God's plans are better then your dreams.
22. Tell you children how much you love them.
23. Never put material goods and possession over your kids.
24. Never wake a sleeping baby!
25. Even if you make mistakes you (and your kids) will be OK.
26. Life goes on.
27. God give us rules to ensure not hinder our happiness.
28. Laugh a lot.
29. Cry a lot.
30. Memories are more precious then things.
31. Mediocre is OK
32. Be everything to somebody instead of one thing to everybody.
33. Naps are good.
34. Sometimes the only thing that will make it better is shopping & chocolate!
35. Tomorrow is another day!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Marian Artist Trading Card Swap

Kimberlee at Pondered in My Heart is hosting a Marian Artist Trading Card Swap for the month of May! I saw this last year, but I was a little green with morning sickness that I couldn't muster up the strength to allow the girls to participate. Not this year! I think they will LOVE this! Now I just have to make it to Hobby Lobby to see if I can find the pre-made Artist Trading Cards. Hope you all can participate too!

Garden of the Good Shepherd Mother's Day Brunch

Mother's Day 2011: 

The day started out great!

New Dress. (one size smaller!)

Flowers to wear.

Loving Cards.

We went to Mass where I was pleasantly surprised to be chooses as one of the Mother's in the Parish to bring the gifts forward. (It was probably the new dress.)

After Mass we came home and started on our Garden of the Good Shepherd (week 2) Mother's Day Brunch. On the menu:

Wine. (or mimosas in our case!)

Bread. (Crepes made by Hubby)

Milk & Honey.


A little extra. (Quiche & Grilled Asparagus)

The Table (& Chairs) looked beautiful! 

A Final Surprise. (from our oldest who was working during our brunch).

What a Lovely Mother's Day!

Head on over to Catholic Cuisine to see all the other Week 2 Celebrations!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Top 10 Reason I Don't Camp

The other day Princess asked if we could go camping. I guess she had been watching some cartoon (I think Tom & Jerry) and they were camping. I told her that Mommy does not camp. She then asked me why and I said "Because" (which doesn't go over too well with an obsessive compulsive almost 7 year old.) I then decided to come up with another Top 10. So here are the Top 10 Reasons I Don't Camp:

10. It's hot.
9.  It's cold.
8. Where the heck is "NCIS?"
7. There is no room service.
6. Bugs.
5. Snakes
4. Spiders (shhh....spiders are NOT bugs).
3. Sleeping in bug spray is not good for the complexion.
2. You want me to pee where?!?!

And the number 1 reason I don't camp:

1. I SO do not want a kid eaten by a bear!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just in time for Mother's Day!

A Mother's Prayer

Father in heaven,
grant me the grace to appreciate the dignity
which you have conferred on me.
Let me realize that not even the Angels
have been blessed with such a privilege—
to share in your creative miracle
and bring new Saints to heaven.
Make me a good mother to all my children
after the example of Mary,
the Mother of your Son.
Through the intercession of Jesus and Mary
I ask your continued blessings on my family.
Let us all be dedicated to your service on earth
and attain the eternal happiness of your kingdom in heaven.

I have always loved this prayer. It helps me get through those "difficult" days when it seems as if NOTHING is going right. On those days, I am still graced with the blessing of being part of God's creative process. What a wonderful privilege! 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Garden of the Good Shepherd Party~Week 1

Yesterday, we had our first Garden of the Good Shepherd Party. I have opted to have these "parties" on Sundays so that our two oldest boys could take part.  I changed some of the ideas that Jessica so wonderfully came up with so that we could have a filling dinner. I thought it was a big hit. Here are the pictures:

Shepherd's Pie 

Shepherd's Crook Breadsticks

Sheep in the Fold Corn  

Ewe & Ram Cupcakes
(also used as Birthday Cake for Engineer)

Next week I am planning a Garden of the Good Shepherd Mother's Day Brunch! I think it will turn out just as nice! Stop by Catholic Cuisine to see other parties. They are all so different!

My Daybook: May 2, 2011

Outside my window..... Sun is shining and it is cool, but we should be up to 81 today. With more rain in the forecast. At least these storms will not be as bad as the ones that hit us last week! On a positive note, all the rain is making everything so GREEN!

I am listening too..... Princess reading to Cowgirl! This one of my favorite things!

I am thinking..... of the many, many blog posts that I want to write. I hope I can find the time!

I am thankful..... that we did not receive any damage from the storms. It could have been much worse if any of the storms would have simply veered a different direction.

From the kitchen...... Trying to decide what to have for dinner. Was going to do breakfast, but I don't know if I am feeling that???

From the learning room..... 3 more weeks!  

Living the Liturgical Year at home..... We had our first Garden of Good Shepherd Party yesterday! It went very well. I will try to post pictures later today.

I am (wanting to )create...... another dress for the girls. I made the girls each one of these dresses this time last year and they are both fitting a little snug. I am hoping to make each of them a new dress, but at the very least I will pass down Princess' to Cowgirl and make a new one for Princess and hopefully Sweet Pea. They go together pretty fast once they are cut out. We will see!

I am (STILL) reading...... The Flipside of Feminism by Suzanne Venker & Phyllis Schlafly. I am really enjoying it and will do a review as soon as I am finished.

Pondering these words......  "Osama bin Laden is dead!" I don't know how to feel about this? I one hand I am glad that justice was served and HE can't hurt anybody else, but on the other hand I am fearful that there will be retaliation! 

Noticing that..... Allegra is helping Cowgirl's eczema. I had her on Claritin and didn't seem like it was making much difference. I changed to Allegra (because I had a coupon) and her eczema is clearing up. Not perfect but better! YEAH!! Anybody who has a child with eczema knows what a battle it is and how demoralizing it can be.

Towards personal care (and exercise)......  Well.....This week had ups and downs. Downside: I didn't loose any weight. Upside: I didn't gain any weight. I tried really watching what I ate and making better choices, but my milk still DROPPED! Which made for a long and fussy week. My new goal is to only eat sugary snacks (which are my vice) on Sundays when I make dessert. Oh! I have been exercising daily which makes me feel better. (Baby steps, Baby steps)

Around the house...... Easter candy is GONE! I didn't get much this year, but it is now officially gone. No more temptations.

On keeping home..... Need to get started with weekly cleaning. Those of you with multiple children, how to you keep the house clean. Do you clean weekly, bi-weekly, monthly? Do you have a schedule or list? I need HELP!

One of my favorite things...... Spending Sundays with the boys. We have instituted a weekly dinner (very Gilmore Girls of us) and I love having everybody back home. 

A few plans for the rest of the week...... 

Monday: Engineer's 19th Birthday!
Friday: Cowgirl Baptism Day
Sunday: 2nd Garden of Good Shepherd Party and Mother's Day.

A picture thought I'm sharing..... the dresses I made last year (as usual ignore the hair!). Both of the dresses are not about 3 inches shorter on them! STOP GROWING SO FAST!