Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Birthday Month

When Andrew and I got married there were a couple of things that I felt I needed to tell him about me that were of utmost importance. These were not necessarily negative aspects about my personality or life but they WERE make it break issues on MY part!

The first issue was that I HATED washing dishes! Now don't get me wrong I will wash a dish or two but it may take me a while to actually get to the sink full of dishes. Usually this will happen when the dishes have been sitting in the sink for a couple days. By this time,  the food is stuck and probably needs a good soaking in very hot water (which can buy me another hour of NOT doing dishes!) When faced with this not so lovely aspect of my psyche, Andrew simply stated that HE would do the dishes at night and if I could simple wash them out after using and pile them on the counter he would be fine!

The second issue was even more important than the first and non-compliance would DEFINITELY be a red flag in the relationship! I get a birthday month! My birthday falls at the end of the month, May 28th to be exact, so it was fairly easy to celebrate once May 1st rolled around! Again, my wonderful husband didn't bat an eye! He said he LOVED giving my gifts and this just gave him another reason to shower me with little lovelies. The only request he made was instead of starting Birthday Month on May 1st could I start on May 3rd since his son William's birthday is the 2nd. Well, since we were at the beginning of our courtship, I didn't want to appear greedy and selfish and insist I on the WHOLE month so I graciously agreed.

So, there you go. The story of Birthday month. And it is right around the corner!!!! I am SO excited! *sigh* I "heart" Birthday Month!

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