Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spring Showcase 2012

This past Sunday the girls has their Spring Showcase for Dance. I thought I had posted Brianna's dance from last year, but I can't seem to find it. Oh well. Anyway, she has definitely improved. In fact, she has been chosen to start the pre-pointe class in the fall. This is kinda a big deal since they usually don't start pre-pointe until 10 and she will only be 8 next month! Not that she is the FIRST or ONLY girl that has or will start pre-pointe at 8 but it is not the norm.  I was a little worried when we moved in January that starting her half-way through the year into a new class that she would be behind. However, that has not been the case. In fact, all I have heard since we started was how GOOD Brianna is! Now I always thought she was good but I thought maybe I was (a lot) biased. However, Andrew danced for 15 years and he said that she is really THAT good. Makes me smile. Anyway, here is her video: (Just a side note, this video was taken during dress rehearsal and you can hear the teacher talking in the background. Also, Brianna keeps looking around! It drove me CRAZY but I think it was nerves. She did much better during the actual performance. When I asked her why she kept looking at her friends she said that she just wanted to see how they were doing. That's Brianna always worried about what others are feeling!)


This was Emma's first year dancing on stage. Last year at this time she had quit dance because she didn't like marching (her words exactly). WOW! What a difference a year can make! Not only did she LOVE dance (her class included tap and ballet) she LOVED being on stage! She was in the 4 year old class and with her January birthday she was probably the oldest little girls in the class! I have been told how she "has the dancing genes" as well and she really enjoyed doing tap as well. Next, year her class will include acrobatics which should be a lot of fun for her. So, here's Emma!


Did you see Emma MARCHING!!! She is so funny that one! I asked her if she was nervous dancing in front of all those people and she casually said "nope." If y'all could have only seen how shy this little girl was even 6 months ago! She has really come a long way. I couldn't be prouder of my girls and can't wait to see what the next year holds!


KY ICU NURSE said...

Love those costumes! Beautiful little dancers! :)

Cecilia said... beautiful. I love seeing girls in beautiful costumes. How blessed!