Monday, July 16, 2012

I am NOT a country girl!

I have to admit I really, REALLY wanted to be a country girl. Out in my garden, collecting eggs from my chickens, milking my cow. It seems all so quaint and carefree. But alas, I am NOT a country girl. I hate nature. Yes I know hate is a very strong word but dislike is not strong enough.

I do not like digging in dirt - my hands and nails get dirty. I do not like handling animals - they smell. I do not like being outside - its too hot/cold/buggy/etc.

Also, there are too many critters in the country. Just today I had ants in the laundry room and this guy outside our garage.(see pic below)

I know he was only a baby but you know what that means! Where is his MOTHER?!?!

Ugh! I am tired of living in the country. I know I told Andrew I wanted a house with some acreage so I could have a garden and we could be self-sufficient, and Andrew being the great husband that he is gave me what I wanted. However, after these last couple of months of dealing with frogs, snakes, stray dogs, donkeys, & hawks (at my front door mind you) I am about TIRED of the country give me some concrete and a high rise!


Gardenia said...

oh I hear ya!! Thanks for your comment, and prayers for my nephew. ;)

Roxaline said...

I have been praying for him whenever I think about it! I am so thankful that God has answered our prayers! What a great testimony to his faith his is and will continue to be!

Rachel said...


I'm not a gardening/dirt/planting kind of girl, but I do love some wildlife. I'd enjoy the animals, but not the rest.