Sunday, July 8, 2012

I am so tired.

I don't know why but somehow God has chosen to give me three babies that do not like to sleep. I remember with Brianna being in tears because I couldn't get her to sleep longer than 45 minutes in her bassinet. I then discovered that if I put her in the bed with me she would sleep for 3 hours!! So began the cycle of co-sleeping.

Brianna would wake up every 2-3 hours to nurse. At that time, I thought she would outgrow it but she never did until I weaned her at 18 months!

Along came Emma who has been my best sleeper by far! She did not need to be nursed to sleep and she would want to go to bed early and take multiple naps during the day. But she too would wake up every 2-3 hours until I weaned her at 16 months!

And now we have Victoria. The child has been a horrible sleeper from day one!! Well, that isn't entirely true. She would give me one five hour stretch the first couple of months but that was after she would cry for two hours!!! A good night with Victoria is every two hours she is up. Those nights happen about every four days! The rest of the time she is up every one to two hours!

I know, I know. I created this myself. I shouldn't have let her sleep with us, I shouldn't have let her nurse to sleep, etc, etc, etc. But, in my defense I am OLD! This pregnancy, babyhood, and toddlerhood seem SO much harder this time around. I am too tired to fight the battles that need to be fought and I give into the easiest route. Which brings me back to the beginning. I am SO tired!

It's a vicious circle.


Mrs. A said...

ugh! I can empathize! My second daughter was a horrible sleeper. She would not sleep in a crib but loved, loved, loved her car seat. We cheered the day we threw out her "bed". My husband built her a trundle bed by simply placing roller wheels ( I know there is an appropriate name for them) on one side of a plywood board. We cut the straps from that old car seat and screw into the plywood to create pull handles. The plywood was cut to rool under a twin bed. It is so low to the floor we never worried about her rolling off. She loved it and began sleeping very well. Maybe your little one would like to sleep right next to her sister's and you won't have to worry about her rolling off. I have found that little flashlights help them fall asleep and also glo worms dolls. My littlest baby, currently, is 10 months old he still wakes up every 2-3 hours to nurse for 20 minutes pockets since I sit up to nurse I usually fall asleep with him on the couch, which makes for a stiff neck and numb legs. I figure children will continue to wake up during the night until they are weaned. The breastmilk just goes through them so quickly!

Roxaline said...

I agree that babies will wake up until they quit nursing (at least mine will)! I was hoping to try to wean her but she does not seem ready yet. Hopefully in a month or two because I am ready to sleep again!!