Saturday, July 28, 2012

Our School Year 2012-2013

 I was wanting to hold out till July 30th to start our school year, but the since the girls were begging to start we went ahead and started our school year Monday the 16th. I know that July seems early to start school but since we do 6 six-week sessions with a week off in between starting early allows for us to have our off periods during Christmas and Easter. I like this format because it not only gives us mini-breaks throughout the school year but keeps summer to only 8 weeks (you know the saying about idle hands!)

This year Brianna is in the 3rd grade and Emma is entering 1st. And of course there is Victoria who is in tot-school. In fact, I'm pretty sure Victoria RUNS tot-school!!

Here is our curriculum for this school year:


*Spelling & Memorization:
                 CHC My Catholic Speller B
                 Scripture Memorization  

*Language Arts:
                CHC Language of God B
                Nature Journal

                Modern Curriculum Press (MCP) Book C

                Faith and Life 3
                Living the Liturgical Year

               CHC Handwriting 3

*Reading Comprehension:
              Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls
              The Little Apostle on Crutches
              More Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls

*Literature & Composition:
                Charlotte's Web
                Little House on the Prairie
                Wizard of Oz
                The Moffatts
                Cricket in Times Square
                Mary Poppins
*Physical Education:


*Spelling & Phonics:
             CHC My First Catholic Speller

            MCP Book A

            Faith and Life 1
            Living the Liturgical Year

           CHC Handwriting 1

*Reading & Literature:
          CHC Little Stories for Little Folks
          Aesop's Fables
          Read Alouds

*Physical Education:


           Apologia Astronomy
           Astronomy Notebook
           Various Projects

*Social Studies: 
           CHC Tour a Country
           Old Testament/Ancient World History

           La Clase Divertida 1

*Fine Arts (Architecture, Drama, Art/Music Appreciation):
           Handle on the Arts Time Traveler Volume 1 


*Read Aloud Books



*Songs ~ Wiggles

*Finger Play

This seems like a lot when I write it all out! However, this is a VERY LIGHT year. I omitted Latin & Shakespeare from last year, and I combined the girls together for Science, History, and Social Studies. Just those few changes and the fact that Brianna can do most of her schoolwork without my help has made the past two weeks flow smoother than previous years. Now if I can just get Victoria to nap in her crib we will be on a ROLL!!

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